Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things I will miss about Korea....

Beef and Leaf (okay just the beef and Pork kalbi, not the standard octopus, kimchi, etc that comes along with it)

Chilsung Cider (It's like American Sprite only better)

Korean Coca Cola (yes it tastes better than the states)

Korean McDonalds (also tastes better than the states)

Daiso (it's an amazing dollar store x 1000!)

Convenience store and coffee shops on every corner and I mean every corner

Being able to drag my feet, I'm pretty sure it's socially acceptable to drag your feet here ~ always remember my mom yelling at me to pick up my feet :)

The train! It makes it so easy to get around! (and it's cheap!)

The little kids ~ they are so cute here, all the girls are dressed in pink and the little boys are too LOL I love when they know how to say hello :)

The driving laws, Stop signs and red lights are optional, if no one is coming, you GO!

Skin Food and Face Shop ~ and all the other 5 billion skin care places around

Kiochon wings! They are triple fried and have garlic infused in them :)

Korean cucumbers

Ono's ~ love their wings and melon pops :)

The Ville ~ cheap purses, shoes, jersey's, hats, gloves, socks, movies, video games, knick knacks, mink blankets :)

The fact that Korean's love golf

Being able to talk shit when you are out and about because usually no one knows what the hell you're talking about

The work out equipment that is EVERYWHERE

Happy Wok! American Chinese restaurant with the BEST Jack Daniels Chicken and Pork

Chongs ~ a restaurant with the biggest omelet you will ever see in your life

Hmmmm thats's all I can think of for now, but I will surely add things as I think of them :)

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